Confessions, information and nothing


What are you talking about? I’m not afraid of being forgotten.

You knew this is important for me and you ruin it.

June, if I had time to worry about every person who admires, imitates, or staked me, I wouldn’t had time to be my fabulous-self!

Chloe: I HATE the new June, alright? She has to be in the spotlight and go places with celebrities. Is like, everything's has to be about her.
Eli: When everything should be about you.
Chloe: Exactly! Thank you!

This confidence that you are exhibiting is mine. I give to you, and I’m taking it back.

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Sometimes, things don’t click until Hollywood really spells them out for you.
Chloe, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 (via prettylittleanna)
Now I know why people like kids so much! They’re handy! But, you’ll see… You’ll see when you have one.