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Chloe: Oh, June! Great news. I thought about what you said, about needing to be more responsible, so… I got an assistant.

June: What? How can you afford that?

Chloe: Oh, it’s free! I got a foster child.

— Chloe & June Colburn, Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23



June: Chole, you have to learn to be more responsible. Do you not see a pattern here? You see something that you want, and then you abandon it, because you get bored, or because you're too selfish to care about anyone else!
Chloe: June, I’m interested in what you’re saying. Write it down and put it in the basket next to the toilet. I’ll get to it as soon as my busy season’s over.

Sorry, I don’t know why a brought that up! I think that genuine emotions just sometimes makes me uncomfortable.


She may have the morale of a pirate,
but she would do anything for her friends.
James Van Der Beek


James: You think this is maybe why you don't have any female friends?
Krysten: Whatever, I don't want any, girls are too mean.