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They say that family are the people that will always take you in, but if instead they shut the door? Or even worse, let someone else take your place.
Gossip Girl (Season 3, episode 20 - “It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World”)


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If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want. A few lucky ladies can do no wrong. Their looks? Perfection. And they got accessories to match. But most girls get tired of the same old look, and they’ll do just about anything to get the hot new piece on their arm. And then there are those who have no vision of their own; thieves of fashion, who would steal the shirt off your back. And always remember, appearances can be deceiving. But whatever you wear, always dress to kill. XOXO, Gossip Girl.
Gossip Girl Episode 16 (The Empire Strikes Jack)




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Oh dear queen, heed the words of a king. Look like an angel, talk like an angel, the devil in disguise.
Gossip Girl


Sometimes a queen has to make a choice: a castle with a white knight. Or a quest with a dark prince.

And eventually a queen realizes that a dark knight only has one thing on his mind. And it ain’t slaying dragons. So she takes her pumpkin carriage and goes back to the castle.
Gossip Girl


Blair: Are you ok?
Serena: I don’t know. I don’t know, I keep trying to figure what’s real and what wasn’t. I… It doesn’t make any sense.
Blair: Feelings never do.They get you all confused.

Gossip Girl S2E23



Serena: I don't know. Ahn. I like him. But is... kind of a mess.
Lily: When, somethimes our messes can be fun.